5 Ways a Health Coach Can Help Cure Your Migraines

5 Ways a Health Coach can Help Cure Your Migraines

If you suffer from chronic migraines, chances are you’ve seen dozens of doctors and practitioners to try to get rid of your pain. However, if all this time spent hasn’t yielded satisfactory results, maybe it’s time to give a health coach a try. A certified health coach is someone who works with clients holistically and examines all aspects of a person’s health – from the food they eat, to how much they sleep. 

Rarely are migraines brought on exclusively by ONE thing; more often than not, you’ll have a unique cocktail of triggers contributing to your misery. A health coach can help in various ways to tackle your migraines:

1.  Sometimes you just need to vent – Suffering from chronic migraines can be very isolating, especially if you have one for multiple days. It’s normal to feel frustrated to talk to your loved ones about it if they can’t relate to the pain. Or even worse, you may feel embarrassed to tell your friends that you had “yet another migraine” and you might worry that they just think you’re just a hypochondriac. A health coach is an incredible resource to vent your frustration/anger/sadness about your situation. Knowing you’re not alone in your quest to get healthy can be incredibly empowering.

2.  Time to talk things out – It’s rare that you’ll spend more than 15-30 minutes a few times a year with your doctor. These limited appointments leave little time to talk about your unique circumstances and troubleshoot. That’s where your health coach comes in: typically you can meet with your health coach weekly or biweekly for up to an hour, which leaves ample time to go deep into what you’re going through.

3.  No such thing as “one size fits all” – One of my biggest frustrations as a migraine sufferer was the feeling that my doctors would just prescribe the go-to drug of choice without much thought into my unique circumstances. Health coaches take the time to consider all the aspects of your life that impact your health, from your nutrition to your career to your stress levels and recommend a plan that is unique to YOU. Migraine triggers vary from person to person and so should the treatment of each individual’s migraines.

4.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor – I believe Doctors can play an incredibly important role in curing a migraine sufferer of his or her pain, especially when it’s done in partnership with a health coach. In some cases, doctors may prescribe preventative medications that can be taken every day or abortive migraine medications that are to be used on very bad headache days. Whatever the regimen, a health coach can help implement the doctor’s plan and maximize its effectiveness by introducing complimentary lifestyle and nutrition changes.

5.  Holding you accountable – Even when we know the right things to do for our health, it can sometimes seem impossible to stay motivated to make the right decisions. A health coach understands your goals, helps create a plan to achieve those goals and then makes sure you are taking the necessary steps to make those goals become a reality. Just knowing that you have to check in with your coach in the next few weeks is an incredible motivator to make the right decisions for your migraine health!


So whether you’ve hit a roadblock in your migraine treatment or simply want to reduce the number of headache days you experience a month, a health coach might be the key to ending your migraine misery. If you have any questions about health coaching or about my practice, in particular, you can always reach out to me directly.