Short on time to grocery shop? Download this app now!

Instacart will make your life easier

One of the keys to transforming your health and living migraine free is to clean up your diet and spend lots more time in the kitchen. But for too many of us, we come home from a long day to an empty fridge and no willpower to make it to the grocery store. This was certainly one of the main hurdles in my path to getting healthier. On top of that, I also absolutely HATE going to the grocery store – they are always crowded at the times I can go, I am overwhelmed with options, and it is a hassle to schlep the groceries back to my apartment (oh, the struggles of living in a city!).

Enter Instacart: an app that literally changed my life. It’s removed some major roadblocks to cooking consistent, healthy meals. Here are the top reasons you should download this app now!

1. Makes meal planning easier

If I don’t have a fridge full of groceries, I was will almost certainly cave and order takeout or go out to eat instead of cooking a healthy meal. So the key to success has always been to plan out my meals for the week. But it takes a lot of motivation to sit down on a Sunday, write out a weekly menu, list out the ingredients and then go to the store. Now Instacart has eliminated this last, most dreaded step! You can shop through their app directly from stores near you, have an Instacart shopper shop for you and communicate order changes in real time, and then get them delivered to your home within the one-hour window.

2. Avoid unhealthy temptations

Another major pitfall of going to the grocery store was that unhealthy food would inevitably tempt me. Everyone has a weakness (or several) and I had a hard time not coming back with something I shouldn’t have. Since using Instacart, I’ve discovered that if I don’t see the tempting groceries, I don’t crave them and therefore they don’t end up in my kitchen. And if it’s not in my kitchen, I won’t end a long day sneaking in a few handfuls of kettle corn.

3. Free shipping if you pay for membership

Similar to Amazon Prime, Instacart has a $99 membership fee that entitles you to unlimited free shipping as long as you meet their $35 order minimum. As long as you make a couple dozen orders in a given year, it pays for itself (and trust me you'll be making much more than that once you start using this thing!).

4. One hour delivery window

No, you don’t have to re-arrange your whole day to wait for your groceries. You simply select the one-hour window that’s convenient for you. In my experience, they are on time almost 100% of the time, and if they are late for any reason, they let you know and go out of their way to accommodate you.

5. Prices are the same as in store!

This is my favorite part: most of the grocery stores that Instacart partners with offer the same prices on the app as they do in the store. You read that right! You get access to this amazing convenience all for the same price as shopping in person.

Now there are no excuses for not having a fully stocked fridge! Have you found an amazing app or tool that’s saved you a lot of time in the kitchen? Please reach out and share your time-saving tips so together we can help more people live migraine free.